Dot and Warren wanted their wedding day to be a day enjoyed by all, where guests would interact and have fun together celebrating the joining of their dear friends in marriage. It was so special to be a part of their day and watch their family and friends celebrate with them. For Dot and Warren, this day wasn’t about just them, they are totally unselfish, they wanted to throw a party their friends would enjoy, they wanted to be with their friends and family celebrating rather than being the King and Queen looking down at their subjects. It was lovely to see such a humble and loving attitude and it showed at their wedding. I think their attitude is one many brides and grooms can learn from. It has definitely set such a wonderful foundation for their life ahead. Dot and Warren, it was a pleasure being there witnessing the two of you join together in the wonderful act of marriage, may the coming years bring you and your friends much joy, happiness and great times.

Thank you to the following who added their wonderful part to the day, Venue, Vineyard Hotel,, Flowers and Décor – Neva Ward – Bright and Beautiful – – Melissa Ketterer – Pretty in Stains – – Blaze Band – 5 Seasons Entertainment – – Reverend Roux Malan – – EC Lighting Solutions –