Sitting front row watching models float up and down the ramp with ease displaying the young and talented designers creations is not in any way a a true reflection of the whole process of a fashion show, especially a college show. The buzz backstage is in complete contrast, it’s a swan on the lake scenario, all calm on the surface but mad paddling below. The Stellenbosch based Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design showcased their students work at the beautiful 401 Rozendal venue and I must say, the level of creativity in the designs was incredible. There was laughter, stress, craziness, fun and some more stress but the audience were well treated to some brilliant designs and ideas. I headed behind the scenes, backstage, under the surface of the swan and documented the frenzy of activity. Thank you to Stellenbosch Hair Academy and The Makeup Issue for their incredible work with the make up and hair.