Sean Kelland is a professional South African wedding photographer who is based in the beautiful Natal Midlands and has photographed mainly in The Western Cape and Natal Midlands.  Sean has been photographing weddings since 2007 and offers an inconspicuous photojournalistic style which will tell the story of your day in a creative and honest way.

“Looking through the lens I see people, their faces, their emotions, their enjoyment and their interactions. Photographs aren’t just ‘pretty pictures’. For me, they are a deeper representation of the occasion or character in front of me. I want my images to tell a story, to let the viewer in on the emotion of what was in front of me, to take them back to that moment in time.  In twenty years time when you look back on your life through photographs, you don’t just want to see the crazy outfits and the poses – those are fun, but you also want to remember…remember that moment, that time, those special people.

This is what photography is for me – not just a collection of ‘pretty pictures’ with google and pinterest-perfect poses, but photography is a representation and interpretation of so much more. With many years of experience in the wedding industry as a photographer, I am still learning, still loving the moments, still searching for stories and I still shed a tear when photographing a tender moment. There is something magical about capturing an emotion that tells a story.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to work with you soon.

Sean Kelland.”