A little bit of an introduction.

“Which leg must the garter go on?” A question I have heard so many times and every time my answer stays the same, “Whichever side is most comfortable.” This answer, I feel, covers more than just the traditional garland of lace around your thigh. In modern wedding planning times, things are quite confusing, we seem to see the need to keep to tradition but try our best to remain contemporary and different. There are so many voices telling us how, what, where, when, etc that we tend to lose our own identity in the whole wedding planning scenario. Pinterest dictates that the level of your wedding should be extremely high and your guests should leave feeling that they have been involved in a show op epic fairytale proportions. Um, no pressure.

So your delightful man gets down on one knee and utters a few stuttering words, then you cry and say something like, “ ok, sure”. High fives all round, then, the generous handing out of information starts. You get it from all sides, your mother, your already married friends, those that aren’t married and asking why the hell you are doing this, the wonderful world wide web with its bar raising pinterest and pretty blogs telling you what’s in and what’s not, a tirade of information, no full stops, a few comma’s and you feel out of breath, paddling in a gigantic sea of petals, venues and guest lists. You hide it well, but you are slightly overwhelmed, all you want really is to say ‘I do’ to your best friend, have a party and enjoy the rest of your life together, correct? How much media noise and parental noise gets in the way of that? I fear too much.

I have found over the last 8 years of photographing weddings that the celebrations I have most enjoyed have been simple, special occasions, the venue looked pretty, the food was tasty, but most of all, the lovely down-to-earth couple had an awesome time relaxing with their friends and family and celebrating the fact that they have just committed to love each other and be together for the rest of their lives. Many years ago I was part of a wedding where the décor was straight out of a glossy magazine, the location, oozing wealth, a well-known South African band performed and all of this meant nothing because the bride was alone and overwhelmed. It was sad actually, all the money spent on impressing and all that show, but no real love.

Over the next while I am going to be putting together some thoughts on planning your wedding, yes, from a guy’s point of view, but as a photographer who loves telling the stories of delightful couples’ special wedding day, I think I can speak with a little authority on the matter. I will be covering topics such as choosing a venue, photographer, to tradition or not to tradition, why not just do this in court and others. I am not looking to change your mind and tell you how to do things, merely informing you and hopefully helping you to relax when planning your wedding and to make sure you keep the heart of your wedding prominent.

Till next time, happy planning.

Sean Kelland is a professional wedding photographer who has been involved in the industry for about 8 years and loves telling the story of lovely couples’ weddings, the love, the conversations, the emotions and the laughter.